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Swimming with Dolphin is amazing activety full of fun and Entertainments, to swim with dolphin is great feeling you will need and special experience you can have,

You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to Dolphina to swim with the dolphins, This is a unique opportunity to swim with these intelligent animals. You will spend half an hour in the pool with dolphins or 15 minutes, playing and swimming with them, enjoying their company and experience unforgettable feelings of coming close to nature. one of the most beautiful excursions for kids, swin, touch, play, laugh with Dolphins is new feeling will be needed for you in your holiday. 

If your friends want to watch you while you are swimming they have to pay 50le per person to join you. There are 4 dolphins and each one can swim with 4 people at a time.After the show we will drive you back to your hotel in Sharm el Sheikh.

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  • All transportation
  • Fee of Swimming with Dolphins.
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Everyday Except Sunday
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15 minutes 65 £ 60 £
30 minutes 88 £ 85 £
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